Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Valentine Birthday Invites

Yes, I know its 6 months to soon, but I have been really bored! I normally start planning my kids party's about 6 months before, but my youngest and I got an idea and have been running with it for a few months. I am sure by the time the party gets here I will be very sick of it, but so far this party is going to rock! Today I finished the invitations.

I figured out last night that I just love how my girls respond to the planning of the parties. Its like they know that I am using my creative talent and even more, my time, to create a special day just for them. That I am willing to think about what will make them happy and they get to share in the planning and creation. Especially for my younger daughter this is important, and I having a ball! Thing 2 (as I refer to her in the blog world as) was born 4 days after Valentines and this is the first time we have ever thought about a Valentines Party.. its going to be awesome!

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