Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer crafts

Our local Ben Franklin's offers a kids craft program each summer. This week my girls went and these adorable magnet/cork boards. Took about 45 min, easy and cute!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Everything!

Kim and I had such a wonderful time with our card swap and got such wonderful cards we decided to do it again!!! You will be agreeing to make and send 5 cards (all the same or different, your choice) for each person that plays with us. So if 5 people play, you need to make 20 cards, and will get 20 new cards! See how great this is!! And this time we have a theme (we love themes!) Holiday cards.. you pick the holiday(s), they just have to be holiday cards!

There are a few simple steps, "rules" if you will, to play along:

1. Send an email to withandwithout AT gmail DOT com, indicating you want to join this swap. Include:

Your Name
Your Address
Your blog address (if you have one)
Any special holiday notes (ie:You celebrate Hanukkah, not Christmas)

2. Send the email no later than July 7. Swap partners will be sent out by July 9. You MUST mail all your swaps by August 8.

3. Have fun!!Feel free to invite anyone you'd like. We don't have a cut-off and would love to have as many participants as possible.

We have created a Flickr group that we would love for you to join. This will enable us to share pictures of all the great cards we receive through the swap and have discussions about the group.If you have any questions, please feel free to email or leave a comment! We look forward to swapping with you!