Thursday, December 27, 2007

I love it when things work out!

Remember this gloating post? Well, after I checked at my local craft store and a 4 inch circle.. just a circle was $3.49!!!! Here is the finished product. It was a fun time for my daughter and I and really let her feel like she had control of her bathroom.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Tea

Remember these adorable invites? Well the party has come and it was wonderful! This is the third year Laurel and I have done Christmas Tea and is such a great tradition. Here are some of the details.

Decor... Red and White, swirls and mints everywhere.. felt minty just looking at it.

The sweets... chocolate dip, divinity, mint bark, brownies, cookies, stuff to dip, and a way cute cake Laurel slaved over.
Sandwiches.. cucumber, pb&j, bacon apple, and egg salad.. Ohh and some veggies to help with all the guilt!
Home made hot coco and we had an amazing party! And one last close up of the adorable cake.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Fun Vinyl

For Christmas Santa is bringing my girls new bathroom stuff. Its been a long time coming and took a while to decide on what to do. With each of them having their own bathroom now, I wanted something the same, but not identical. I found the shower curtain, supplies, towels and that left the walls. Normally I would get everything all set up Christmas Eve, but this year we decided to let them have the fun of it themselves, so the hunt was on for easy wall decor. I wanted vinyl but it can be costly. To my surprise I found 12x12 full sheets of vinyl for sale at my local craft store, for $1, and with a circle cutter I now have a ton of circles in fun variations to do 2 bathrooms. The best part.. it was $5. I am really excited to watch the girls decorate their bathrooms on Christmas!

Side note: thinks of the possibilities! I want to try these sheets in a die cut machine.. How much fun is this.. and how cheep!!