Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Valentine Birthday Invites

Yes, I know its 6 months to soon, but I have been really bored! I normally start planning my kids party's about 6 months before, but my youngest and I got an idea and have been running with it for a few months. I am sure by the time the party gets here I will be very sick of it, but so far this party is going to rock! Today I finished the invitations.

I figured out last night that I just love how my girls respond to the planning of the parties. Its like they know that I am using my creative talent and even more, my time, to create a special day just for them. That I am willing to think about what will make them happy and they get to share in the planning and creation. Especially for my younger daughter this is important, and I having a ball! Thing 2 (as I refer to her in the blog world as) was born 4 days after Valentines and this is the first time we have ever thought about a Valentines Party.. its going to be awesome!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Breaking Dawn is out Saturday!

We had to do a craft and what better craft when you are standing in line for the latest addicting teen vegetarian vampire book.. than a custom made T-shirt and book mark. Here are our crafts!

New Year Teacher gifts

Small bins, pencils, pens, colored pencils, blue sticks, chocolate, handmade magnets, state cards, shirt, erasers and of course, hand made card! So excited for school to start!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jewelry Box

I posted the story behind it over at my other home.

Basically, it was just a wood jewelry box that I painted and used rub-on transfers on. Easy peasy, yes but it will serve it's purpose for now. It didn't turn out as perfectly as I had hoped (does anything?) but it did turn out a lot better than I had expected. It's cute. It functions. It was fun. I want to do more.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spare time

I have had a lot of time to get crafty over the last few days.. things I needed to do. Here are some glimpses of what I have been working on.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Half Birthday party!

It was tine for our annual half birthday party! This year we used an Explorer theme. We sent the kids the train schedule mapping out their day as their invitation. We got on the train and then trax up to the U of U Museum of Natural History. The kids broke into two groups and did 4 worksheets (one of each area) scavenger hunt. They loved it!
After we finished at the museum we went out on the lawn for lunch and of course cheep birthday gifts! The kids loved the 3 ft gummy snake, magnifying glass, gold coins, compass and rock candy!
We took the train back down to the gateway and played in the water and checked out build a bear. Then our adventure ended with taking the train back home.
The kids loved it! Once again a great success!

Getting ready for school

As a welcome back to the teachers and staff I put together these water bottles.

The holder says "We have the "kool"-ist teachers! Thank you quenching the "thirst" of knowledge.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Two wonderful teachers at our school are having babies. Recently they both found out the sex of their children and I finally got to go shopping. While I was at Joann's waiting in line at the cutting counter a nice, talkative lady next me asked if I was having twins.. one of each. Yeah, I am going to start living at the gym!

Anyhow.. Joann's had these amazing panels I just could not pass up, and the cutest appliques that match, of which I had to make pillows with. I know its a pig, not a bunny, buts its the right color and adorable! The pillows took longer to make than the blankets, in all about 4 hours and totally worth it!