Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mummy and Me Tea

Each year Laurel and I do a Christmas Tea. Last year she got a bug to do a summer tea and we did a flower/lady bug theme, it was loads of fun and really cute! This year I wanted to do a Halloween party. So here are some of the details of our party.
The invites:
I custom made them from a design I saw online that cost a ton. I did splurge a little and the lettering is vinyl.

The Food:
We did hot hogs wrapped in croissant rolls (mummy's), chicken salad with eyes (grapes) on croissants, fruit cups, veggie tray, decorate your own cookies, popcorn, and we each decorated our own Carmel apple. For drink we did root beer with dry ice.

The take away:
Laurel picked up cute plates, I made pumpkins out of orange table cloth and wrapped the tops with floral tape and pipe cleaner (filled with candy of course). We added spider rings and little stencils along with sugar sticks and they got to take their glow in the dark drinking cups too. All this in a cute bag to go.

The rest:
After the eating, chatting and talking about our costumes, the girls watched Witches and the Moms cleaned up and hung out. Overall, a spook-tacular party!

My halloween pieces

For my costume I wanted really nice jewelry but was unwilling to pay for it, so for about 1/6 the cost, I made these.