Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beach memories

Last year we went to Florida and spent one day at the beach. It was the first time the girls had gotten to spend any really time at the beach and they collected a bunch of sea shells. When I got home I had to find something to do with them and came up with an idea.

By using a paper frame, some sandstone paint, and hot glue, we have a perfect long term use of the treasures. I chose my favorite photo and bam! A perfect memory saved! This year we didn't find as many shells in Mexico so I am adding the wording in vinyl of where we were. I am sure just about anything would work with this easy project!

Fun photo holder

The girls went to a local craft store today and made these. They are too easy and really cute, only $5 each.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Reunion Luau

We were in charge of the family reunion this year. I planned a Luau themed pot luck lunch. Each branch of the family was assigned food and we proved the main dish and drinks. Being me, I also had to do decor and toys for the kids (of all ages!). We held it at Willow Park in Logan (half way between SLC/Ogden and Idaho), the park was great with a little zoo right next to us and a great playground.

These are the save the date post card, the invite (front and back) and the reminder post card.

These were a last minute idea I HAD to do, cupcakes with the beach, sand and an umbrella. They should have been a lot better looking, but I decorated them at the park and the the girls helped.. they were a hit regardless!

Not the best photo, but I found this great drink holder from OTC. It was inflatable and held our drinks cold.

My girls of course with all the swag we had available for every to play with, also from OTC.

And lastly the food. I feel pretty good, I used real pineapple to hold napkins down and got all the paper supplies from Dilly Dallies.. a discount store here, for $1 a pack.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


For April Fools I made this "sushi" for T1's soccer team. They were so convincing, and really easy to make.
Green fruit roll ups, gummy worms and warm rice crispy treats. The girls had a great time with them, too bad I can't use this one on them again!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Beach Party

One of our goals with this site is to give ideas for parties, so each month we are going to pick a theme and plan a party.

For July we are planning a Beach Party!


* Write on a cheap pair of flip flops... or stuff the invite in a beach ball.

* Create a message in a bottle.

* You can order this or make something similar for a more refined look.

* Or this is another idea starter for something to make. And of course you could just go all out and get this one!

* Skewer pieces of fruit, cheese, and meat with fancy toothpicks and arrange them on a pu pu platter (that's Hawaiian for appetizer!).

* Hot dogs/hamburgers, you know.. BBQ food!

* These yummy party cups.

* Of course s'mores if your party goes into the evening hours!

* This pail cake looks fun!

* Any cake can be made and with some crushed graham crackers or brown sugar you have a beach! Cover with paper unbrellas or add some water by using blue icing, this party cake is limitless!

* Ya gotta play the Beach Boys!

* Make your place look like a tropical paradise by decorating it with exotic paper or silk flowers, colored holiday lights, and paper lanterns.

* Set up a beach umbrella to create a shady spot where kids can get out of the sun. Have plenty of sunscreen on hand!

* Use a surf board for all the food to go on, if you don't have one - make it!

* There is this beach ball set you can purchase.

* If indoors is your party place, lay out towels on the floor, umbrellas, fish and starfish hanging from the ceiling, beach balls all over and of course the Beach Boys singing loudly.

* Serve food buffet style, filling beach pails (line with plastic) & giant plastic clam shells with chicken, potato salad, etc. Guests can use shovels to put the food on their plates.

* Water balloon volleyball

* Use the Hawaiian alphabet (a, e, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, p, u, w) to come up with fun new nicknames to go by.

* Make animals out of sea shells

* Limbo

* Swim

* If the party is for a birthday, have the attendees sign/decorate a beach ball for the birthday person.

Party Favors:
* Add stuff like sunglasses, gummy sharks, bags of goldfish crackers, bubbles, plastic shovels, gold coin chocolates, and small beach balls in a sand bucket.

If we haven't given you enough... Family Fun has a whole page we could steal ideas from but we thought we could just give you the link instead.

What ideas do you have to add??

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

We didn't do much for the 4th this year, but my girls did make these table center peices. I have a BBQ coming up and I am using a patritic theme, so my modivation was for that.. but they fit the craft for today!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Gift Card holders

For my girls birthdays I have stopped trying to guess what they want. Honestly, they scare me! We have taken to giving them gift cards to their favorite places and then they get a shopping trip including lunch with me alone. I made these multiple gift card holders this year.

This one for my oldest was harder to make and held 2 on each "page".

This one for my younger daughter was easier and just as effective. I got the template for the card holders from a Claire's gift card holder I tore apart.