Friday, September 28, 2007

Hotel Bordom

While traveling for work sometimes I get organized enough to bring projects with me. Sadly its day two and I am out of projects... well I can do my taxes :(
Here are a couple of photos of what I made.

These are the tags to go with the mummies I made over the weekend.

I have spent a lot of time working on my younger daughters Halloween costume. I brought it with and did the finally beading that I needed to add, I had enough goods to make some matching earrings and a necklace to go with. I will get photos of the girls costumes (ohh and mine! made stuff for it too) soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekend get away

Ohhh how great it is to get out and focus on what crafts and projects need to be done. I am going to list a few of the photos, I have more that was done, but it goes with gifts, swapps, costumes and stuff that I want to keep wraps on for a little while.

Bags. I was going to make them reversible. I was going to send one to my swap buddy, and then realized I could make 4 and give one to each of us at the overnight scrap this last weekend.. oh and scrap buddy don't worry.. it wouldn't fit in the box. They were pretty easy.. esp since I can't sew.. it was a first for me, but the material was so cute I had to do something with it.

Want your mummy? I got the idea for these a couple of years ago from Family Fun, this year I am making about 80 of them, the girls classes and my PTA board will love them! They hold 2 pieces of candy and are just adorable!

Yes.. I know.. don't hate me! My Christmas cards were done in February, so I had time to get these mind blowing, cute as hell Christmas Tea for Mom and Me invites made. Custom design, cant wait for the party to show you the whole theme!

That's it for now.. I will have more promise.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not limited to monkeys

I love holidays and birthdays and any excuse to create something fun and wonderful. I take painstaking details to create most things I do cuz' I am a freak like that. So in creating my oldest daughters birthday this year I have not disappointed. She wants a Limited Too party and LT2 does not have their own birthday line so that left it wide open for me! We are still working through the details but here is stage one.. the invite.. and the work put into this "masterpiece".
First task, find an image of the Monkey and the Flowers (the images for LT2). I did this by purchasing a luggage tag of the monkey and scanning him, then my daughter got a new backpack I scanned the flowers so I got these images.

Once I had these I needed to clean them up and create line art. (this took hours)

At this point I shipped the images off to the local stamp store and in a couple of days I had stamps. With much pondering and letting my daughter choose colors and ideas I went with it. I love the way it turned it and not only am I making the invites, and the thank yous, we will use them for the craft at the party too.

The party is in December, so I will have a full update later of the party.