Saturday, June 30, 2007

Altered Shirts

At Twilight Camp for Girl Scouts we always have matching shirts that we need to wear for all 3 days. The second my oldest saw the shirt she said she would never be wearing it again.. she is too cool for everyday T-shirts. As part of the badge the Juniors are working on they needed to alter a piece of clothing. After observing what a lot of the older girls had done to their shirts, this was the design they wanted.
Split the shirt up the sides, cut about 1 inch strips and tie them in double knots. We also cut off the sleeves and cut V's in the neckline. A shirt now must be worn under the modified T, but to hear the picky 10 year old say that she would now wear this shirt over and over is very worth it!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hair Bows

So on the baby theme today...

I made these hair bows as my first attempt at hair accessories. They're by no means perfect, or even something I really think will get used much- if at all. I made the cupcake one to go along with the theme for Madeleine's first birthday party. I made the other one for my sister's baby. Yes, it's huge. No, the pinks don't match perfectly. But, like I said, first attempt for someone who had no idea what she was actually doing. Maybe some day I'll give in and do them right. But for now, these will do. Madeleine's served its purpose prefectly. It was for the one day and it worked just fine. I figure from here, and with the one for Monica they'll be fine for silly dress up. They'll work as barrettes or clip to a headband to work that way as well. Now that I have a small idea what I'm doing, I'm collecting ribbon and planning on making lots and lots more. I am in no hurry yet... my kid doesn't have enough hair to use them yet!

CD Holders

I found this idea a while back and never got around to using it. About a month ago, I made a music cd for my sister's baby and Madeleine and wanted a cute cover for them. I remembered this idea and thought I'd try it out. Now I can't quit making them. I joined a swap group and for each one I've included one of these. When I have to send pictures to my sister, I make one for the cd. I find myself looking for reasons to make them. It's kind of pathetic. I have Madeleine's pictures divided by month and if I can get each month down to fit on one cd, I'll make an envelope for each month. Instead of looking at paper for scrapbooking anymore, I look at it in terms of cd envelopes. Yes, pathetic.

Spring Cupcakes

I love cupcakes! They are so versatile and each one a little masterpiece. These were easy to make, cut marshmallows, colored sugar and M&M's.

Two Tutus

I made these two tutus for my sister (the sunflowers) and sister-in-law (the yellow) for their baby showers. Once all the tulle was cut, they were really pretty easy to do. The trick is making sure the knots all match. That part took some trial and error. Now I have a friend trying to convince me to sell them in her baby boutique. If my house ever sells so I have a place to actually do them, I just might cave. Someday.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Baby Shower

Ok, so this shower was over a year ago, but I am still so tickled with how everything turned out I thought I would share!

Tights headband

Wow.. the first post.. better make it good!
I don't have any little ones in my home anymore, but I bought a cute little dress for Miss M.'s birthday and I couldn't find anything I liked to go with it, I had seen this headband at a local scrap store and decided I could make it.. it was sooooo easy! So I am sharing!

One leg of a pair of tights
One flower (or other bobble)

Step 1:
Fold tights so that the toe fits into the cut leg end and stitch it closed with a gather.

Step 2:
Fold over the ribbon so it creates loops on the ends, as many folds as you would like, mine have 5 on each side. Sew or hot glue the ribbon together so it doesn't fall apart.

Step 3:
Attach ribbon to flower. I have done this by sewing and with hot glue, I don't know what holds better yet.

Step 4:
Attach the flower and ribbon to the seam you made on the tights. I have sewn this and hot glued it, I don't know yet what holds up better. Make sure everything looks secure and then test it on your baby.. or in my case.. what ever poor animal is closest. (poor Tori!)